The Drexel

Andrea Maldonado | Gourmet Witch

The Drexel , Miami, Florida

Off the main street and through the gorgeous alley of all sorts of restaurants with delicious menus, fun music and great décor you’ll find The Drexel in a corner spot. Light and airy, with a super chill Mediterranean vibe, you can hear the delicate clink of cups and a cocktail shaker in the background as you approach . 

We were greeted Immediately and sat indoors by the beautiful large windows. The place screamed LUXE, and we knew we were in for amazing food. 

Our server, Taylor, was an absolute joy from beginning to end. They helped us with questions and gave suggestions on the menu. Should you happen to stop here, know that Taylor is awesome! 

We started our night with Drinks: 

Andrea Maldonado | Gourmet Witch Red Crush @ The Drexel
Andrea Maldonado | Gourmet Witch Long Lost Passion @ The Drexel

 Red Crush (wodka vodka, raspberry, watermelon, grapefruit soda) and a 

Long Lost Passion ( the busker triple cask whiskey, chinola passion fruit liqueur, citrus)

The red crush was so vibrantly red with delicious fruit forward flavors. The Long Lost Passion, a bold cocktail that is whiskey based accompanied by the sweet yet tart passion fruit. Both drinks were phenomenal . 

For Appetizers we had 

Andrea Maldonado | Gourmet Witch Mussels @ The Drexel
Andrea Maldonado | Gourmet Witch Charred Squid @ The Drexel

Mussels :  saffron broth, fennel, tomato 

charred squid : salmoriglio, chili pepper, arugula 

I need to stop for a moment and clutch my pearls, while I squeeze my eyes closed and recall the soft, buttery mussels bathing in this delicious broth. Now, when I say delicious, I mean… Taylor came by and offered to have more bread toasted for us ( it comes with a huge slice that was just perfect for sopping up this sauce) 

While in the kitchen, a manager comes to check on us and asked if we would also like more bread as we clearly were not ready to  let the plate go just yet. We laughed and let her know it was already on order. When it came out, it was warm, came with a side of butter and honestly, it was just heaven. 

The Squid was not your typical calamari style rings, it was flat, delicate and tender. The salmoriglio sauce brought the touch of citrus that made this dish shine and sing in our mouths. We were floating on a cloud at this point so when the entrees came out, the surprise was real. 

Our Entrees :

Andrea Maldonado | Gourmet Witch Wild Prawns @ The Drexel
Andrea Maldonado | Gourmet Witch Red Snapper @ The Drexel

Wild prawns fennel, tomato, avocado 

Red snapper salmoriglio, lemon 

As a Chef, I will admit that there are things I just don’t like. Fennel was one of those things until this day. The prawns were plump and perfectly charred on the gill. The fennel was delicately shaved over a salad of tomato, avocado and arugula. The smokiness of the prawns paired nicely with the peppery arugula, the sweet tomatoes and that creamy avocado. The fennel taste was in the background but doing the most to bring it all together. 

The Snapper was the fresh catch of the day. I know we hear this a lot at restaurants but being in Florida brings a new definition to fresh catch. The filet of snapper was tender and delicious. It was served with the salmoriglio that complimented the light and flakey fish with the touch of citrus it needed to be perfect. I love simple dishes that pack a serious punch with flavor. 

We were dressed to the nines and so, that meant I was wearing a faja (shapewear), but did we ask for the dessert menu? Hello! Taylor expertly described each dish we decided to have the two below.  

Dessert :

Andrea Maldonado | Gourmet Witch Strawberry Pavlova @ The Drexel
Andrea Maldonado | Gourmet Witch Panna Cotta @ The Drexel

strawberry pavlova and Yogurt Panna Cotta with Honey and Pistachio Brittle 

Both desserts were light enough that we were able to get in a few respectable bites. Ultimately having to back away ( sadly) as we were really full. The strawberries on the pavlova were sweet and juicy. The brittle complimented the panna cotta so well, it was really put together nicely. 

I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone in the area. This meal was amazing from beginning to end. The service phenomenal, leaving us with nothing but compliments for everyone and everything we tried! 

Have you been to the Drexel before? Tell me your experience!