Moon Cakes

January 8, 2020

What are Moon Cakes? 

“ A moon cake is a Chinese bakery product traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The festival is about lunar appreciation and Moon watching, and moon cakes are regarded as an indispensable delicacy. Moon cakes are offered between friends or on family gatherings while celebrating the festival”. If this is what you’re looking for, I’m sorry you’re on the wrong page. 

Moon cakes are something I came up with to celebrate and process the affects or aspects of the full moon in every month. I may reference the moon’s name for inspiration, seasonal colors, ingredients, color magic, other witchy influences as well as where it’s hanging out astrologically. For instance, January’s full moon is called the Wolf moon, and it’s in the sign of Cancer, during an eclipse (cue dramatic music!!!) Its January in the states (north east coast) so its cold, there should be snow but there isn’t and its scary)( hence the white cake and decor, as well as the coconut which is also watery and the perfect pairing for Cancer) There will be meme’s and maybe even some music, who knows but this is meant to be fun and a great way to get my awkward self interacting with you all! 

Where I would like to see this go, is posting the recipe ahead of time ( considering a patreon option) and watching you all enjoy #GWMoonCakes on your Instagram feed/stories ! If this is something that interests you, please like and comment under the cake picture ( coming up this Friday) that kind of motivation is undeniably helpful and it keeps me as part of your feed! Win -Win! 

The Full Moon Schedule for 2020:

Jan. 10 Wolf Moon – Cancer, Eclipse 

Feb. 9 Snow Moon – Leo

Mar. 9 Worm Moon – Virgo

Apr. 7 Pink Moon -Libra 

May 7 Flower Moon – Scorpio

Jun. 5 Strawberry Moon – Sagittarius 

Jul. 5 Buck Moon – Capricorn 

Aug. 3 Sturgeon Moon – Aquarius

Sep. 2 Corn Moon – Pisces 

Oct. 1 Harvest Moon – Aries

Oct. 31 Blue Moon – Taurus

Nov. 30 Beaver Moon – Gemini

Dec. 29 Cold Moon – Cancer (Why?!) 

Disclaimer : I am not in any way an Astrologer. I enjoy the subject, especially when people tell me things and teach me. It’s a subject that is so vast and can be a little difficult to wrap my head around, so you may hear some astro lingo but rest assured, it was researched and I’ll be crediting and naming sources for direct quotes. So if I sound off in any way, please know that these are just MY thoughts, and how I am reasoning with the energy. If it’s totally bonkers then its really not my fault, the MOON made me do it! 

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