Offerings for Bast


In my previous Post Who is Bast? I mentioned that she had a duel nature like day and night. You can see a lot of that present in the types of offerings you can give her. She is a very friendly Goddess and I’ve noticed that she really just wants your time and attention, so if you want to say prayers to her, go for it. Have a poem or something you wrote to or about her? Read it aloud! Want to have a chat? Pour a glass of wine or brew some tea and sit with her energy. She has brought some memorable moments into my life, reminds me that we have to STOP and just ENJOY what’s going on around you and nothing screams BAST like a great party!

Below are some offerings you can put out in her Honor

Perfume bottles and (decorative) Jars made from materials such as glass, clay or ceramic 

Oil lamps (a great spellwork medium) 

Sun and Moon Symbols

Cat Statues 



The Eye of Ra 

Incense – Kyphi ( ancient egyptian offering) or resins, burning Cannabis 

Musical Instruments : bells, windchimes, sistrums 

Stones : Malachite, copper, gold, lapis lazuli, gold stones, onyx , jet , 

 Flowers,Herbs and Scents : Roses, morning glory, honeysuckle, Ivy, catnip , mint , musk, lemon balm

Food Offerings for the Cat Goddess 

Beer, Red wine, Mead, Teas, Milk

Onions , Grains ( Barley, Oats, Wheat, etc) , lambs tongue (lettuce) 

Pastries, Chocolate ,Honey 

Beef (Raw, or a cooked dish) and Fish