A Girls Trip @ The Esme / SoBe

Andrea Maldonado | Gourmet Witch

The Esme Hotel is where we set our scene…

I find that I’m always referring to things as Pre or Post The Pandemic, when it comes specifically to time. As a work-aholic and the pressures of doing “the right thing” I didn’t prioritize relaxation and most definitely didn’t think about vacation as a time to just exist, as opposed to time off from work to do all the things I need to do at home. The Pandemic taught me how to let that go and look for the fun in all things which took us to the doors of the Esme Hotel.

Birthday Getaway

Celebrating my best witch on her leveling up, we decided that Miami was close enough to really enjoy a couple of days away in the sun, at the beach and enjoy some local fare ( specifically the food). We stayed at the Esme Hotel right off of Español way in South Beach. For two witches who love all things beautiful this place CARRIED!!!  Not only was it luxurious but the aesthetic was *Chef kiss*. Rooms were emerald green with pink and gold details The Venus vibes for a Taurus and a Libra were on High and we loved it! 

There was a subtle ode to the Goddess

in our room which was the added touch. The Lobby boasted a beautiful entrance, and the seductive woodsy smell from the candles was enough to transport you into another world altogether and honestly, that is so important when getting away. (Keap Candles – wood cabin) . The nod to astrology was also a sweet touch and fit right in with the whole aesthetic. I could go on about so much more but y’all are here for the food!!! 

Upon arrival everyone was hands on, super friendly and got us checked in, in our rooms and ready to EAT! It was a sunday so the Rooftop served breakfast but we decided to hit the lunch menu as we wanted to go to the beach and stay without getting hungry. 

We ordered the : 

Lemonade / Ginger Ale ( made with real ginger!) 

Mini Manchego Arepas 

  • Straight forward arepas. You get 5 on a dish.  They were super cute and a total impulse order cause I was in the mood for something bread like!  Could have had a touch more cheese as I am a cheese queen but still delicious. We ate most of them but don’t be fooled by their size ,these were filling !! 
Andrea Maldonado | Gourmet Witch Tropical Ceviche @ Esme Hotel Rooftop

Tropical Ceviche 

Citrus cured mahi & shrimp, coconut milk, jalapeño, red onion, papaya cilantro, plantain chips

  • Firstly, this was so pretty to look at. Simple presentation, no frills but the fish spoke for itself. Delicate and flavorful we immediately went to town with the plantain chips as our vessel. The micro cilantro gave me all the feels looking at these adorable leaves standing so brightly on the mahi and shrimp. Green and pink for the win! 
  • The sauce was citrusy yet light, complementing the fish while the pop of spice snuck in to say hello in the best way ever. There was just a sprinkle of red onion and so kudos to the chef because onions can overpower a dish. A common ingredient for ceviche but definitely not the star.
  • Coming off our flight, this hit the spot and set the bar for all the other food we had while in town! It was a bit early for us to start drinking but it would go great with any cocktail from the menu or an iced cold beer!!! 
Andrea Maldonado | Gourmet Witch Tuna Tartare @ Esme Hotel – Rooftop

Tuna Tartare 

Freshly caught Tuna, mango, ginger avocado, tobiko caviar, passion fruit ponzu, wontons

  • Definitely did not look like a small plate! When these both came out at the same time we were so worried we wouldn’t be able to finish them but we took breaks because we couldn’t stop eating this! The description above left out the puffed rice that also came with the dish and honestly was so damn good!! 
  • The Tuna was so pink and fresh it just melted in your mouth. The fresh mango paired with that passion fruit ponzu sold me. 
  • The sweet and tart flavors along with the avocado and ginger highlighted and elevated the tuna. The crunch rice and crispy wontons provided that airy crunch to round out all the delicious flavors into a neat package that had you closing your eyes and enjoying the pleasure of every mouthful. 
Andrea Maldonado | Gourmet Witch Little Havana Flan @ Esme Hotel – Rooftop


Little Havana Flan 

Banana Carajillo Cuban rum cake, colada crocante, crema de ‘fanguito” helado

  • Just when you think you can’t have anything else, we got the flan!!! When you roll with a pastry chef you gotta make sure they get their fix too! 
  • The flan was good, a classic dish but still, we had to try it! 
  • The star of this dish for us was the fanguito helado (cuban dulce de leche) with its delicious crumble, we couldn’t stop eating it with the flan and the cube of rum cake. It truly rounded out the meal leaving us swimming in serotonin and ready to head to the beach! 
Andrea Maldonado | Gourmet Witch El Salon @ Esme Hotel

We also had breakfast at El Salon / Paseos 

We ordered 


  • Two Hispanic chefs = a love for coffee any time of the day! 
  • Served in the cutest cups and the most adorable creamer / sugar set! (cubes!!!) as avid drinkers we did have a couple of refills and it was an 8oz serving but they were very good about keeping us topped off! 
Andrea Maldonado | Gourmet Witch Huevos Rancheros @ Esme Hotel – EL Salon

Huevos Rancheros 

  • A classic dish served of eggs, beans and avocado on blue corn tortillas. The twist of goat cheese rather than cotija or oaxaca was an interesting spin but delicious nonetheless but if you don’t like goat cheese, then maybe just omit it to be safe. 
Andrea Maldonado | Gourmet Witch Pan de bono BLT @ Esme Hotel – El Salon

Pan de bono BLT 

  • The cutest little sandwich on a pan de bono that was toasted and crispy! Served with hollandaise that had a tiny kick, this was enough to carry us until lunch time (3pm) where we stopped at a local place for a snack before going to the Drexel, another restaurant on the property. 

Up Next ….. The Drexel