January Wolf Moon In Cancer

January 10, 2020

January Moon Cake : Coconut cake with cream cheese filling and frosting 

Coconut : element of water 

Some coconut tidbits : It can be turned into oil which is great for skincare, cooking and lube (totally a real thing. Personally tried it, but before you do, talk to your Dr. and make sure it won’t be an issue for you, because the last thing you want is a yeast infection. )

The type of “Lube” I was envisioning though, was in reference to communicating our feelings and the receiving/giving of information. If you’re “well lubed” then things go smoother, and feel SO much better, especially when emotions can run high. 

Toasted coconut pieces : I used them for texture, contrast but also to represent struggle, feeling moody, . It’s ok, doesn’t ruin the cake and sometimes showing vulnerability is necessary.

Cream cheese : comfort food, therefore nurturing , because all cheese is welcomed in my home. 

Mini pearls and Jimmies (sprinkles) : Nothing like something sparkly to remind you of the good things in life and how you have them all around you! 

Silver Stars : to remind you that you’re made up of stardust, live your life and enjoy the fuck out of it, with the people that make you a better person. 

Here are my thoughts and how I made sense of this energy….

January Full Moon falls on Friday the 10th. The moon will be hanging out in the astrological sign of Cancer, during an eclipse…. It’s about to get messy for some folks, if it hasn’t already!

 Cancerian ( Is this even a word?) energy is great for getting in touch with your emotions / feelings, expressing them (ideally in a good way), working on relationships, and can be nurturing with those “feel good” vibes of a cozy home, a hug, or laying on clean sheets. Those are the things you want to focus on. Spending time with loved ones or doing something nice for yourself. Release is a theme with this moon and ideally it should be about letting go, ending something that’s been a blockage or holding you back, working something out and solutions. 

Releasing emotions… during an eclipse… with a full moon in cancer… “waiter, Check please!!!” It can be difficult to sort through them on a good day but with all that going on, its best to try NOT to, unless there really is no other choice, and usually, most things can wait. In fact, they really should. I say that only because when we are emotionally charged, we don’t always measure our words , don’t have all the facts or can overreact (I feel very attacked by my own interpretation!) When researching this moon, I read that the Twin Star Castor will be shedding some of its influence here and all I can think of is Nicolas Cage and  Face off . (crying emoji)  

Castor is said to be the “good twin” bringing with him lots of clarity and exposing what isn’t working or good for you. He can bring influences of healing and renewal “ When well aspected in your natal chart, these folks can be exceptionally gifted intellectually.” – Eric Morse, Astrologer. He also says they have a tendency to be “helicoptery” emotionally and sometimes have to be reigned in ( he didn’t say it that way, but it sounded better to me lol). In other words, that Cancerian energy is really out here doing the most. For example, Nicolas Cage as Castor, tying his brother Pollux’s shoes even though they are grown ass people, his brother is a criminal mastermind, and you know damn well he can tie his own shoes!  (crying emoji!!) 

Australia is burning, we are on edge with the current political climate when the idea of war looms in the back of our brains. Even if you haven’t sat to unpack those feelings or give them a thought, the folks around you are. They can’t stop talking about it at work, twitter is constantly reminding me, the IG Memes are funny but in that dark way to try and give you some actual hope that all this is a joke. The roaring fires, the animals… If you’re triggered by any of these issues they can applify other things around you because you’re kind of on edge and may not know it. Be aware of this when communicating with others, especially if you’re “in your feelings”. Leave important decision making for another day, and tough conversations can also wait till the weekend. 

Be mindful of oversharing and if you’re prone to have dramatic moods (guilty as charged!) try something productive to take your mind off of whatever you are thinking about or focus on self care!  Chances are, it really wasn’t that serious or you took it way out of proportion (how is my own posting hurting my feelings?!). 

I say this with the deepest regard for those who suffer from anxiety (raising my hand here) and things of that nature. This moon can be a little jarring, and move you to react in ways that may be hurtful to yourself and to others because you spun out of control and had a case of verbal diarrhea or caught that foot in mouth disease. 

Should this happen to you and you fall prey to some of the negative aspects that this can draw out of you, please know that it’s ok to have a moment. The people closest to you understand, but also know that it’s important to acknowledge what happened, and an apology may need to be made and possibly some changes. This is where that Cancer energy can shine! plan a coffee date, send them some uber eats, or flowers, a cute email note, something that says “Im sorry, I love you and thank you for loving me.” If THAT isn’t some Cancerian ish, I don’t know what is! So be cool, be kind , and breath.

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