Day 7 : Loki and Freyja

November 7, 2018
[/media-credit] Freyja-Loki

“It’s cold!” she complained, pulling the fur’s closer to her body. “Why wont you just come to Folkvangr? It’s always warm there” she sniffled. “Freyja, you know I can’t, Everyone will know why I’m there… that is, unless you’re ready to tell everyone about, you know… us.” he said, raising his eyebrows rapidly and grinning. “Jotunheim it is!” she exclaimed, throwing her arms into the air, then remembering it was cold, quickly covered herself again. “I’m freezing to death here!” she reminded him.

 “How about I just shift into a bear and keep you warm. Grrrrrr” he laughed, squeezing her tightly pretending to be a bear. “, I could You know…. I could just start a huge fire, you just had to ask!” snapping his finger to produce a tiny spark. “See” he offered. Animated, she said,  “Oh sure, start a huge fire in Jotunheim , no one will know its you… just you know, your Giantess for a wife, Angrboda who would quickly squash my head between her fingers!” He made a small fire nearby, nothing to draw attention to them as they were deep within the mountains, Freyja was overreacting, no one would find them there. Soon the cave began to warm up and she threw the furs off, exposing her naked body. Loki quickly jumped at the chance “You’re ready for round three?” he suggested slyly.

Swatting him with her hand she giggled, lazily. “I have to get going soon” she sighed. Loki jumped up, with body parts swinging in the air, “Marry me!” he yelled. “Then you wouldn’t have to leave” he said smugly. Freyja snorted, then chuckled. “You would have to live with me, I don’t do endless winters. Also, no. Thanks for the offer.” she began gathering her clothes. This was about the time he would stall her in order to make her stay- offering her things he just could not do or promises he would never keep. “Why can’t we just stay the way we are?” she said simply. “Don’t over complicate things… you  have two wives, several children and practically all the Gods at the ready to kill you at a moment’s notice. What am I supposed to do with that?” she groaned.

“WOW!” he said. “Just wow! I would be faithful to you!” dramatically pounding his fist against his heart. “Sure, the same way you are with your other wives? Hmm?” Freyja, smiling waited for the inevitable rebuttal. “Mardoll “ he purred. “They know about each other…there are no secrets… I would tell them about u-” “Goodbye” she waved cutting him off. Sighing, he kissed her farewell. She put on her feathered cloak and disappeared.

Freyja already married to an absent lover had freedom to do as she wished. Another spouse was not the ideal situation for her, considering how many frost giants had already tried to vie for peace or alliances wishing to bait her into a union.

She loved Loki for his boyish spirit He made her laugh, entertained her and made love like a beast, sometimes, literally. She enjoyed how he made her feel but there was a limit, and he just had to understand, her love for him had nothing to do with her heart.

They hadn’t seen each other after the last time she turned him down, yet again, and the absence was familiar but this had been longer than usual. “Perhaps, I should reach out to him?” she thought.

Odin had called a meeting, that required all to be present, Once again the frost giants were threatening war. Seeking council with the rest of the Gods, the topic of what they could offer to brooch peace came up. In his anger Loki took that opportunity to Lash at at Freyja. “We all know what the Giants want, so why not agree to give them Freyja so that we can get back to drinking and feasting!” he volunteered. “Loki!” Freyja glared at him “What?” he shrugged. “ You’ve slept with all seated here” he pointed out, carelessly picking at his nails with a dagger.

“You’ve even been with dwarves! Tell Odin how you got that necklace you love so much? Hmm?  So, why not fuck a giant and save us this boring meeting? I heard a rumor you were into them now anyway…” he winked at her. “I am not something you can just trade like a sack of wheat, How dare you disrespect me like that” she stood up, hand on the hilt of her sword, clearly angered. He did not get his reputation by being quiet so he continued to goad her.  “It’s true isn’t it? That you’ve bedded everyone here, even old man Odin!” he cackled, pointing at the all father. “ You bastard!” she shrieked, unsheathing her sword and holding it to his throat.” “Freyja, there will be no blood spilt here! Stop this at once!” Odin shouted. “ Loki be quiet before I have your lips sewn shut, again! That is enough. What has gotten into the both of you?” he questioned

“Nothing” Loki shrugged “ I just wanted to see her tits bounce so I had to make her mad. They bounce when she breathes heavy, especially when she is livid!” “Look!” he pointed at them. “I didn’t think she would take it so seriously though, Gosh Freyja, it was just a joke!” he laughed. Sword still at his neck, she leaned in over the table. “Get a good look at them cause I’m going to have your eyeballs for breakfast,” she growled. “Hope you use your tongue to pluck them out” he challenged. Licking his lips, he signaled with his eyes for her to look down at his obvious erection. Rolling her eyes she removed the sword from his throat and put it away. “I’m leaving” she declared, gone in a flash of feathers.

Freyja was upset with the way that he made her angry, showing emotion in front of everyone. He wanted to expose their arrangement at whatever cost, but he wanted her to swallow her words and admit that although she swore she would never be with him, she traveled to Jotunheim in secret when she  craved his touch.

Arriving at Folkvangr in a blur, her attendants knew their mistress was unhappy. “What can we do for you?” Hilda asked. “Mead, lots of mead and a bath. I am tired and want to relax.” They ran to do as she wished afraid that she would turn her anger on them.

Laying in her tub she called for her drinking horn to be refilled before it was emptied. She drank until her limbs went limp, releasing all the tension. She put her head back, closing her eyes to take in the warmth of her bath. The mead had warmed her insides and now she thought of him. The desire growing in her belly, She reached between her legs and began to pleasure herself. She called him in vain, moaning through parted lips. Imaging her hand was his tongue, she continued to bring herself closer to climax.

Freyja felt the warm yet cool touch of something smooth sliding over her breasts. She lifted her head and locked eyes with a large black snake. “Exquisite” he hissed, forked tongue reaching for a nipple. He used his tail to move her hand and entered her, without warning. Coiling around her he constricted his body making her unable to move, bringing her to climax, again and again.

“No more she begged” through bated breath. “Tell me you love me and I’ll stop.” he hissed. “I want you…” she whispered. “I need you… desperately” Freyja confessed “But there is just no way I’m ever going to love you..” she admitted. “I guess, two out of three isn’t so bad” he said, loosening his grip to returned to his normal form. “You’re here” she gasped. “In Folkvangr, with me.” the realization of that fact washed over her. “After that fight, no one would ever believe that I was here, so for now, I’m safe. Let me take you to bed.” he winked.

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