Day 10 : Lilith, Patroness of Sex Workers

November 10, 2018

I prepared for work like I did every day. Lit a red candle to Lilith, some incense and said a few silent prayers, mostly in the form of “Keep me safe. Let them taste the soles of my boots and not my blood” things of that nature. Being a Domme had its perks, not going to lie. There were always gifts. Perfumes, clothes, lingerie, shoes, anything you wanted, you could ask for. My favorite was always take out and extra tips. You weren’t the only Domme, Switch or Sub on for the night so competition was real. You need a certain something to catch the eye of the person coming in or you might not make any money that day. Lilith always made sure I was provided for but  take out and tips helped keep the wallet full.

Working in an established dungeon offered you protection from the street, randos from craigslist ads or motel encounters that could end fatally. It did however hold this space for many others, more established people who constantly had a string of customers. I learned quickly who were the top money makers and how to befriend them. On occasion they would bring you in on a session and you would earn part of that fee, so cattiness got you nowhere. There were definitely some serious players and it was best to be on their good side, especially when things were slow, they looked out for the newer people :

Mistress Mitsuki : age 25, she was studying to be a doctor and found that Domme work was easy cash for her that gave her time to focus on her school work. She was handy with a bull whip and famous for her relentless canings. She constantly made people throw up from the intensity or pass out. She was a hot commodity for those who wanted to be baptized in the pain. She also had a huge food fetish and would host wrestling matches between clients and dommes using food as weapons…. Not my kinda party.

Mistress Alice : age 24, cute as a button, a red haired devil. Dressed up in cosplay a lot, indulged in those types of fantasies though she favored being a nurse the best. Taught me how to insert a urethral sound, how to give an enema and was a true rope queen. Once you fell prey into her web, there was no getting out until she said so. Also a fiend with a cane, her technique was impeccable, lines on a bare ass so straight you could use them instead of a ruler! She was called to do a lot of Switch work, as she too enjoyed what she dished out!

Mistress Cricket : age 42, 5 foot dangerous. She frightened me the most. The Mariah Carey of our dungeon…. She came in occasionally, practically retired but still had a few customers that paid top dollar to see her. Never knew anyone’s name, treated everyone like peasants and practically floated through the place. She never did the standard hour session, and only saw patrons who booked four or more hours. Her biggest client was a woman from Kentucky. She flew in every couple of months to see Cricket. Walking in with head lowered, a sullen appearance, we knew from cricket that she suffered with serious depression. She didn’t like a lot of attention and was skittish so she would be escorted to a private waiting area. At the end of her 4 hour session, she would be covered in wax, bruises, and sometimes bleeding if there was any needle play. The difference in her persona was incredible, she smiled, and waved to all of us, like two different people.

Mistress Lily : age 26, an aspiring lawyer, she was very private about her life, she refused to be photographed, afraid that her family would see her and her reputation would be ruined. Running away from an arranged marriage with a much older man, she became a Domme to satisfy the helplessness she felt in that situation and made other men pay at the end of her Cat O’Nine. She wore the tallest heels out of everyone there and truly enjoyed trampling. She was the go-to for all of the water sports requests, including the famous “Ruby Shower” people paid extra to be under. Her favorite was using men to be human toilets. I don’t know how she did it, but she was the number one pick for those things.

Mistress Jamie : age 23, the girl next door type. She was tall, blonde and had huge breasts. The clients would fawn over, drooling at her feet ( literally). She was the best for electroshock play, sensory deprivation scenes, smoking scenes and would always indulge anyone who wanted to worship her body. All acts of worship were of course done over clothing and required a generous tip upfront before she agreed to anything. Saddled with an unwanted pregnancy, she milked her situation, literally. Clients were lining up at the door to help her drain the milk accumulating in her breasts and paid serious money to be considered. She had plans to become a big time model, a Victoria Secret’s angel maybe.

And then there was me , Mistress Lilith : Age 23, young and ambitious. Took on any client that wanted to feel the crack of leather against their skin. Skilled in trampling, fisting, medical play, cbt, sissification, and rope play. Trained with all the tools for temporary piercings, electroshock,  puppy training, enemas, pegging and humiliation play. I was well rounded and made steady money while at the dungeon.

Before seeing a client, I would silently call to Lilith for protection and strength to bend this person to my will. They would know that I wielded the power to control them for those 60 minutes and that I was untouchable, no one in my time there ever laid a hand on me. Not even accidentally. There had been a few attacks and several times when girls ran into trouble but were bound /gagged so no one could help them. Having heard some scary things from other newer girls, I knew never to sub or switch for a client that was not considered a regular, I never did it for any of them. I wore her seal proudly during these sessions and even had a few clients who recognized it. They were instant regulars and always made sure I was provided for, even when they didn’t visit the dungeon. Western union was my best friend in those days.

Lilith was the equalizer in my life. Men came to see me during their lunches as high profile executives, lawyers, doctors and professors in order to indulge in things they or their spouses considered taboo, or shameful. Dressing in women’s clothes, being paraded around to be humiliated, kicked, and beaten was what they wanted to do during their “me time.” I provided a judgement free zone where all this was possible, they in turn lined my pocket so I could be there the next time they needed to escape.

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