Day 8 : Maeve, walker of worlds

November 8, 2018

The vision was simple, a woman sat in a train car looking out of the window. The details, the sentiment in her eyes, the familiarity of her presence was the haunting part.  Her mind was working at full steam, in pace with the train. Her brow was furrowed and her eyelids were heavy with restlessness. The softness in her gaze showed that she was thinking about something forlorn, future plans perhaps. The vision was always the same but it had been recurring more often. Who was this woman? Why was I seeing this?

Curious, I studied her features ,her hair was a beautiful shade of chestnut. The sunlight accentuated the strands of blonde, interwoven within the brown. Her eyes were almond shaped and the color of orange blossom honey, the lashes dark and plentiful. Her nose was petite and hovered over a full lipped, pouty mouth. She must really be thinking something over in her mind. What is it? I asked myself. Show me…

She shifted slightly in her seat, something caught her attention. She slowly turned her head as if she heard a voice and I met her stare, but clearly she could not see me. Her eyes glistened with the threat of tears. “No” I whispered to her “dont cry…” willing her to hear me.

She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, and yet, I had never really seen her. In this space within world’s I was able to see the past, present and future, all existing together. She meant something to me, I could feel it deep in my gut.

“Maeve?” she whispered, looking around frantically. She shook her head as if it would get rid of the name. “Juan” she whispered. “Not now..” “Who is this woman? No, don’t tell me, not here, not now please.” she asked the air. Immediately I realized she was talking to a spirit.

Andrea Maldonado | Gourmet Witch

Looking where I would be standing if I were there “Who are you ?” she said through squinted eyes. I snapped back from the vision, my head pulsing with energy. “Constance!” I yelled. “Help me to the bed!” Constance appeared quickly “ what is the matter Madame?” she said worried. “She saw me, Constance, She saw me between the worlds! But how?” I sputtered incoherently. “Wine. Bring me wine.” I demanded, needing to clear my head of what I had just experienced.

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