January 22, 2019

While the winter is starting to rage on the north east of the United States, deep below the earth, life begins anew as it promises to. January is usually the month where we recuperate from all of the festivities and take a moment to regroup and get our priorities in order.  For some, this comes in the form of a resolution. Eat better, spend less, stop smoking, get organized, try new things, run a marathon etc. For me, I am focusing on some long term goals, particularly my health, my writing and my future cookbook.

As a person that lives with PCOS times can get frustrating as menial tasks seem herculean. Your brain becomes an adversary and you turn inwards to your heart. listening to its steady beating, reminds you that one step at a time is how you must always proceed. It reminds you to slow down and be patient. It reminds you that as long as it keeps going, so can you! I am taking my time and seriously practicing patience while I try to rewire my entire body.

This is a time consuming effort that now must take precedence in my life, before all of the other things that I would rather be doing. I am at odds with that idea but am accepting that this too will be something that becomes second nature, like learning a new skill. Meal plans and prep will integrate itself into daily life and I will be able to pick up where I left off.

Writing has come back into my life in the form of prompts and  revisiting finished and unfinished works. Transferring them over from paper to my drive has been cathartic, as I read about the things I had experienced and how much I have evolved since then. Looking forward to more prompts and random ideas that pop into my head which I will gladly share!

The cookbook, well, that is underway with lots of testing and revamping so stay tuned for more news on that front! I’m excited about the journey it is taking me on and look forward to sharing it with everyone.Instagram will continue to be where I showcase recipe ideas and lots of food magic so if you’re not following @gourmetwitch, head on over! Working on some fun spring ideas!

This winter has me feeling like a seed . They appear small and fragile but what lies within is the strength of a lion. A seed has to have courage to burst through its safe enclosure. It will venture through the darkness and trudge through the heavy earth, weighing down on it. The seedling must strive and push to breach the surface and feel the sun on its tiny leaves and that ordeal is only the beginning but breaking out is the hardest part. I am fortunate to have an incredible support system that is with me every step of the way while I hibernate and nourish myself, my brain is actively working on new material and fun stuff for the coming months. If you find yourself a seed, weigh down by the earth or afraid of the darkness, just know that the sun is waiting to greet you!

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