Quick Tips on How to Make a Mezze Board

July 7, 2019

What is a Mezze Board? 

You might have heard the term Mezze before, and if you haven’t then I’ll explain it. 

A Mezze is simply, a giant appetizer platter! Commonly put out before a meal in Middle Eastern or Mediterrean countries, very similar to the Antipasto of Italy. 

Truth be told, it can definitely substitute as a whole meal if you make yours hearty! A great way to get people around the table, a perfect ice breaker and definitely a low maintenance meal! You can prep this in advance so all you have to do it set it out with plates and everyone digs in. 

What’s on a Mezze Board? 

First, I’d say, always cater to your crowd. If you have folks with dietary restrictions or allergies, make sure you keep them in mind so no one feels left out. If you have a mostly vegetarian crowd, then maybe leave the meat items out or to one side of the board. If you’re not sure, I’d opt to go totally vegetarian especially if there are other courses following this! 

Some Examples are : 

Spreads such as Hummus, Babaganoush and tapenade for savory. Think quince, fig and orange jams or pastes for a sweet option.

Bread Items like pita, lavash, flatbreads, crackers and crusty breads 

Vegetables can be grilled like eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, onions, peppers, or fresh ones like cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans or other pickled veggies 

Marinated items add depth of flavor and variety like artichoke hearts, peppers, and olives 

Cheese choose cheeses that fit the regional cuisine and some crowd favorites for variety 

Meats that are cured, fritters and lamb chops are customary, but you can add your own ideas or omit altogether 

Other items you can add to your platter are nuts, dried fruits, honey and anything else you want to add! Composed salads like tabbouleh are great accompaniments to any Mezze. 

Made a platter? tag me @gourmetwitch on Instagram with #WitchesGottaEat so I can be a part of your magical food experiences!

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