Writing Prompt Day 2 : Deprogramming

November 2, 2017

When protocol and logic clash, what is left in the aftermath is anxiety and uncertainty. In the rat race of our daily lives we are constantly buffeted with decisions and plans  to achieve a goal that is constantly being repeated and met, so why wig out?

We are conditioned to live in a society that has so many obligations. What we should do, what is expected of us, the “right” way to do something or to behave.

The only certainty we have in this life, is that it will end. There is no do over folks. So do what makes you happy and find someone to love who wants to be part of your journey as much as you want to be a part of theirs.

The 9-5 hustle is a programmed agenda that leads to depression, stress and unfulfilled dreams. Search for your unicorns, embrace your weird. We all have to make a living in order to survive but don’t let your end goal be a retirement plan that perhaps you may never see. Be bold and push the boundaries. Show the world what makes you special and the talents you have.

Experience the divine within yourself. Meditate and soul search. Find out what you need most in this life. What do you require to be whole?  Commune with nature, with animals, help others in need, make someone smile, be part of your human experience, be an earth ally. We lose ourselves in the struggle to build a foundation of green paper to sustain us when in fact the sustenance we require is love. Not the sexual or romantic kind but the love you feel for the universe when you smell rain or wet dirt. When you bury your toes in the sand, the cool splash of a salty wave, the passionate kisses of the sun, the mystery of moonlight. Existence.

Live your existence. Shake off the bonds of stereotypes, labels , prefixes and suffixes. Peel of your meat coat and remember you are made up of stardust.

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