Day 1 Prompt : Alien Hybrid

November 2, 2017

Sound asleep dreaming of better tomorrows I stirred in the bed. Turning the hot pillow over to the cool side, I relaxed again. Letting the sleep slowly draw me back in when all of a sudden a loud buzzing sound breaks the silence. Thinking it was a cell phone notification, I flip onto my back to regroup from the disturbance. Worst mistake I ever made. I could feel the air change in the room, it was thick and heavy. The buzzing sound turned into a vibration that pulsed through my body. Something was trying to move me. I felt it’s presence but refused to acknowledge it. “I am dreaming.” I thought to myself. “No, there is nothing in the corner. This can’t be happening!”

Suddenly everything went back to normal, my breath slowed down so that sleep could once more take over. My eye’s began to flutter, then close. That feeling was also strange. I don’t ever just fall back to sleep that easily. My inner alarm bells were going off while my body sank deeper into sleep.

Feeling the light I forced my eyes open. The room filled with  dazzling whiteness. It looked like lightning had filled the room, but there was no sound. No noise at all, not even my own breathing or my heart beat, though it was racing.

The flashes of light strobed on and off, confusing me, blinding me, distracting me. I gathered my wits, “Ignore the light.” I told myself. “Move. You have to move!” I tried. I was pressed to the bed with nothing restraining me. Turning back to the corner where I felt the presence before, I saw him.

In between the flashes there was a little boy. He was small, around seven or eight years old. His skin, sallow and taunt. He wore long pants and a long shirt that didn’t exactly fit him correctly, a size too small probably. “Who is he?” I thought to myself. “A spirit maybe? What does he want?”

There was an extra bright flash and suddenly he was at my bedside. Face to face with him he stared at me, blankly. His eyes were slightly upturned, pupils were dilated and the whites were just a tiny ring in the background. His forehead was wider than most people and his lips were thin and shut tight.

He placed his hand on my arm, making me shudder from the cold. “Sleep, it is easier if you sleep.” he said, without moving his lips. The vibration came back, and time stopped. The lights strobed again, quicker this time. I was only able to move my head so I looked around frantically.

Everything was gone. My husband was gone, the furniture missing all except for the bed, I was in an empty room. “Sleep.” I heard again. He gripped my arm tighter, tugging at it. “Let me go!” I yelled in my mind. “No!”  I was able to yank my arm away and he stepped back, retreating to the corner and disappearing. “He’s gone.”

The flashes came again and this time, I was completely paralyzed. I felt a magnetic pull towards the mattress, holding me down. This time, there was a little girl. She looked just like my daughter but I knew that wasn’t her. The little boy appeared at her side, “Mommy” they said. “Mommy, come with us.” I was dumbstruck. Their gazes were hypnotizing. I could feel the serotonin and dopamine flowing through me. There was a feeling of peace, like being high came over me and I wasn’t afraid. They continued to hold my gaze as the lights began to flash and the weight was being lifted.

In my peripheral I saw the others. They were tall, about seven feet. Slender and androgynous. The greys.

They began to fill the room, they were everywhere. Pulling at my legs I was sliding off the bed towards a rippling orb. It mirrored my surroundings but it wasn’t of my world. They were going to take me.

I couldn’t physically move, so shouting or fighting were out of the question. I needed to do something , I wasn’t going with them.

Retreating into my mind, I began to draw in the electric energy surrounding me. Filling my body with it, I became heavier and they were struggling to pull me.I mustered all I could and released it towards them forcefully pushing back. The grey’s disappeared leaving the two child like creatures. “This one is different. She must be willing, we cannot take her by force.” they communicated silently. Vanishing into thin air, they were gone.

Everything came flooding back in and I tore myself from the bed panting and gasping. My husband reached out for me and I jumped. “What’s the matter?” he asked worried. “The matter? Are you kidding me? I almost got fucking abducted, where the hell were you?” nervously laughing he said “Baby, I was here the whole time sleeping. Actually it was the best sleep ever I feel great!” he smiled. “It’s 3:30am and that doesn’t sound odd to you?” I questioned.

“Babe, you probably had a crazy ass dream, come back to bed, I’ll snuggle you.” He opened his arms to me and we laid back down together, spooning. He quickly returned to a light snoring and his breathe on my neck was actually comforting this time. I stared into the corner refusing to sleep lest they should return with reinforcements until the sun came up.

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