Day 11: Circe and Scylla

November 12, 2018

Glaucus was never seen alone, always with a girl at his side. “What flavor of the week is this?” Circe would joke. They would laugh and he would ignore the girl most times to speak with his best friend Circe about the days events, upcoming parties, things he planned on doing… On occasion they would double date, catching the latest drama by Ovid.

Glaucus was notorious for falling in love just as quickly as he would fall out of love so it was common for Circe to be confused about who he was talking about most times. On rare occasions when he felt that this girl was “the one”, he would ask Circe for a love potion so that the girl would fall in love with him just the same, making it easier for him to marry her. Circe would give him a potion, but it was never for love. She provided him with a revealing spell. Once the girl drank it, she could see right through Glaucus and his intentions. Every time, the girl left him.

He was only interested in bedding most girls. The idea of commitment was problematic to him as he had all this love to give and so many people wanted it. He would constantly complain to Circe who quietly sat and listened to his ranting, offering advice on how better to approach women or how to handle his relationships, mainly, staying faithful. He blew her off constantly but he always came back with the same story and the same “I don’t know what happened?”

One afternoon while talking, Glaucus asked Circe, “Hey, why don’t you have a boyfriend? Or better yet why aren’t you married?” “because all men are just like you!” she jabbed. “Besides, there is only one man who has caught my eye, but he doesn’t know that I exist.” she said, sadly. “Who is this scoundrel?” Glaucus asked.

Staring into his eyes, she said “Don’t worry about it, he’ll come around one day.” “Hey Circe, have you ever tried using a love spell on him? Truthfully I haven’t had the best luck with them but I bet you could snag this guy in an instant, you are beautiful you know.” he said softly. She closed her eyes, lips parted in anticipation, hoping he finally realized she had been talking about him the whole time. “ See you later” Glaucus said from a distance, already out the door.  Frustrated, Circe went to her garden to pull weeds as a distraction. He was too dense to see how much she loved him.

He visited her again two days later. Glaucus clearly unaware that he had left her in the middle of a moment, already turned the conversation to ask her for advice. “There is this girl I met a while ago. She is very friendly, though a little shy. Hasn’t dated much and is unwilling to see me out in public. We have so much in common, I know that if she gave me chance that this would work out! What do I do?” he asked her.

“I don’t know what you want me to tell you!” she snapped. “Whoa!” Glaucus said, taken aback. “What’s wrong with you today?” he queried. “Ugh. Nothing is wrong. I just don’t get how you can bounce around between all these women and always claim you’ve found the one but here you are, still single and unmarried!.” “Ok! Maybe I should leave you alone, sheesh” he said under his breath, turning and leaving before she hurtled more insults in his direction.

Circe had stopped entertaining Glaucus in her home, finding ways to keep busy so he wouldn’t stop by as often as he did before. She wanted to forget about him. Clearly he would never see that she was there , waiting for him to acknowledge her feelings. He was more of a client, looking for love magic workings than a real friend or a potential suitor.

Circe took a day off and headed to the beach.Needing to get away she wanted to meet up with her friend Scylla who loved the beach so much she was there every morning without fail! Walking towards the water she sees Scylla, but she isn’t alone. “Great” Circe thought to herself. “Now I’m going to be the third wheel..” walking closer she gets a look at the person who is splashing water at Scylla and realizes it’s Glaucus! Rage set in as she walked towards them. “Hey Scylla” Circe yelled over the waves. Hearing a voice, she turned and saw Circe waving at her from the surf, she motioned for Glaucus to look, then headed towards her, Glaucus staying behind. “Hey Girl” Scylla said nervously, “what brings you to the beach?”

“Oh, I was just hoping for a girls day at the beach, but clearly you have company…” she snickered. “Oh.. yea…” Scylla said, turning towards Glaucus. “He’s been coming here often, trying to get me to date him but I always refuse. I know you like him”  she whispered. “Him?” Circe pointed lazily. “He isn’t worth one drachma! Always asking me for love potions, never caring about what others feel, he’s a total fuckboy and you should stay clear of him… from one friend to another.”  “I’m not into him anymore” she added, “ he can go with whoever he wants, I wish those women the best of luck!”

“You know, I’ll tell him to leave, why don’t you set your blanket down It’ll-” “Nah, don’t worry, we can catch up another day, I don’t want things to be awkward.” “see you later, Scylla!” Circe said, waving. She clutched her blanket close to her body, walking quickly. She held back the tears until she reached her house and then let loose.

She was angry that he never looked at her the way he did Scylla or any other girl for that matter. She was furious that he only wanted to use her for her skills. She was jealous that Scylla had his attention and didn’t even want it! Why was this so unfair!  She cried over her mortar and pestle, grinding herbs into a dark paste, enchanting the mixture to do her bidding. She would have her revenge, Glaucus would pay for the hurt he has caused her.

The following morning, she went back to the beach. Scylla was already in the water, bathing as usual but she was alone. “Maybe, I’m being to hasty” Circe said to herself. Then she saw him. Picnic basket in hand with a large bouquet of flowers and her rage stirred up again. She watched them play in the water and waited for the perfect moment. Glaucus was chasing Scylla, trying to hug her while she giggled and got free every time.

Circe walked up to the water, unnoticed and let her potion flow into the water. “Let Glaucus pay for what he has done to me!” she said, pointing at the black pool. It took the form of an eel and shot into their direction, swimming rapidly towards glaucus, but as fate would have it, Scylla stepped in the way, unaware of what was happening, she was bitten.

Screaming the water covered her and she was dragged underneath. Glaucus, terrified went head first to save her and quickly popped back up. He ran towards the shore where he spotted Circe, smiling at him.  At the same moment he scrambled out of the water, Scylla emerged, screaming again. Horrified, Circe realized that the potion never reached Glaucus, instead, it went after Scylla. The jealousy she harbored directed the spell. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” Glaucus shouted at Circe.

“Why would  you do that to her?” he screeched. “It wasn’t aimed at her” Circe tried to explain. “The potion was meant to exact my revenge on you!” she growled. “Well, look at her!!” he pointed at Scylla. She remained in the ocean but they could see the tentacles with dog heads floating about her legs. “She’s hideous!” Glaucus cried. “How am I supposed to love her now?” he asked. “You never will!” Circe said.

“No man will ever love her now, thanks to you!” she sneered. “Me? Because of me? Did I throw that spell in the water? Did I turn her into a monster? NO! This is your doing.” he said storming off.
Circe waded into the water, trying to get close to Scylla. “I’m sorry” she said sadly. “I didn’t mean for this to happen, it was all meant for-” Scylla cut her off “Please don’t try to explain any of this, my life is ruined. Why?  Because you were jealous and instead of believing me, I am now a monster. I don’t even like Glaucus, just as I told you yesterday. How could you do this to me?” “But-” Circe tried to explain when the six heads reared up, snarling. Getting the message, she left Scylla crying in the ocean.

Months passed and she heard about Glaucus getting into trouble over a nymph. Circe’s heart, a stone, unable to think on him with the same feelings. She decided to make things right, she made another potion and would heal Scylla.

Approaching the ocean, Scylla motioned for her to stop. “Don’t come any closer!” she warned. “I’m here to help you!” Circe said, holding up the bottle. “Dont!” Scylla cried out, drawing closer to the surf. “I have learned a valuable lesson. I was visited by a water nymph who told me that these heads represent, all the things I have lacked in previous relationships. They remind me of the things I should demand from a partner.

One day there will be man that will honor these qualities, and so I will wait here for him. The heads reared up again but they were docile this time “that one is self love. I am always willing to give it to others but never save any for myself” she pointed. “This one over here is acceptance, I’ve always had a hard time with breakups and this has taught me that I need to let things go. This one is Honesty. The key to a long lasting relationship. Independence is over there by self love! By choosing to stay, I have carved out my destiny. Next to honesty are boundaries and respect. Without them, my life will be filled with so many more Glaucus’ wishing to take advantage of my sincerity then leave me behind. “

Circe still holding the potion said “Scylla, that’s great that you’ve discovered this, but you can uphold these tenants without those tentacles.” “You’re right, but then the lesson won’t really be learned. Thank you Circe for trying to make it right, but you did me a favor instead.” Scylla waved at her friend and went back to playing in the ocean with her new aquatic friends.

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