A Recipe for Protection

January 25, 2019

[/media-credit]I find myself at the end of January completely raw and totally turned around on all the ideas I had. What could have caused that…. I’m feeling off. I’m happy, totally in love with my partner, my kid is doing well, so is the dog, all my bills are paid, I just bought a bunch of self care things as presents, I’m golden! So why am I going through this? What the actual fuck?

When I find that things are frustrating and I feel blocked, with no real explanation,  I immediately turn the protection mode on. Feeling off can be an indication that something else is actually causing your issues. ( because people, and their bullshit. Mal de ojo is real ya’ll) This requires you to do a little investigating to get to the root, below are some quick and easy techniques I use to find out if its just me, or something is going on.

******* Please understand that although I am a believer in spell work, if you are in a dangerous situation, it is important to seek the help of the authorities or tell someone who can help you get help. If you find that you’re feeling unstable and thoughts of suicide or self harm are flooding your mind, please reach out to family, friends or the suicide prevention hotline 1-800-273-8255******

Protection mode for me means :

1. Evaluate : Is there an actual problem? Am I taking the necessary steps to do my best to work things out? Is this anxiety or fear ? Are there other underlying issues or feelings I’m not expressing. It’s totally ok to feel off and that is all part of the human condition but sometimes it can be more than that, so to be safe, cover all your bases.

2. Spiritual cleansing : If I’m feeling off, maybe my aura is dirty. I could have been picking up negative energy from a person, place or spirit. Spiritual cleansing can mean taking a spiritual bath, cleansing with smoke or crystals, it can also be chakra work or anything you are comfortable with that leaves you clean.

3. Physical cleaning : I am a pro clutter queen ( just peep my kitchen table) so sometimes, the act of cleaning, shifting and reorganizing shakes up the energy in my space. Have a cluttered office or work space? Clean it both physically and spiritually, then see how you feel.

4. Spell work : situations like a disgruntled co-worker, gossip, internet trolls, envious people and all manner or annoying things that can be affecting your aura means that you can benefit from some protection work. ( again I encourage anyone in danger to seek help, reach out to those closest to you)  I would also encourage directly hashing out your issues with someone, as it may be something simple like a miscommunication and if that’s not an option then by all means, seek help on the spiritual plane.

Hecate is my go to for protection or when I need direction so it’s kind of a double whammy when I seek her help. She is an amazing source of comfort and power, so when I lay an issue in front of her, I know that I will come to a resolution.

It’s never recommended to feed your emotions as that is an unhealthy coping mechanism but food is also acceptable as an offering. It exhibits the desire to commune, as well as considered a sacrifice (you did just spend time to labor over your dish or treat).  

When working with food, I use ingredients that will lend their help in achieving my goal so the magical ingredients of this recipe are blackberries, lemon and thyme.

Blackberry : The blackberry isn’t necessarily associated with Hecate, but it is with protection. I personally feel that fruits (particularly berries and the pomegranate), herbs and vegetables which can withstand the harshness of the winter are appropriate to offer her. Blackberry leaf and root are the parts mostly used for protection workings but the fruit is where the flavor is for our cookie.

Lemon – Brings the power and strength of the sun to this recipe. Lemons are also great for cleansing inside and out, so it made a great addition. The Citrus is full of vitamin C which can also serve as protection from illnesses like the cold and throat infections. If you’re dealing with an unpleasant person, the lemon flavor, although delicious, will help keep their B.S. at bay.

Thyme – used for strength and to dispel negative energies. Also great to lift your spirits and shoo away feelings of sadness or hopelessness

Blackberry, Lemon and Thyme Thumbprint Cookies       

Makes a dozen

1 stick, unsalted, softened butter

¼ cup granulated sugar

¼ tsp salt

½ tsp vanilla extract

1 egg

1 ½ tsp thyme leaves, roughly chopped

2 tsp lemon zest

1 cup cake flour, sifted

¼ cup blackberry jam or preserves ( seedless)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

In the bowl of a standing mixer fitted with a paddle or a hand held mixer, cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy, scraping down the bowl constantly.

Add the egg, vanilla, salt, thyme, zest and flour, mix until incorporated. Scrape out the dough into a piping bag or leave in the bowl and refrigerate for 20 minutes.

You can pipe the cookies onto a lined baking sheet or roll them into balls.

If rolling, gently press down to flatten slightly. Once the cookies are divided, using a gloved moist finger, poke a hole in the center, then pipe or spoon the preserves into the center.

Bake  for 6-10 minutes until set and lightly golden, do not over bake. Remove from the oven and let cool on a rack.

Food Magic

Witchy Tip / Advice : I made these for two reasons. My daughter was having an issue with a bully . She is not a fan of sweets so after I offered her cookie to Hecate, I asked her to please give me the strength and the sight to help her deal with this person before I ate it. (the situation wasn’t dire, it was more on the teasing end but she was becoming upset about it). I sat with the mini witch and offered some advice which she took and it helped! Hail Hecate!

I also made these because I’ve been in a cold war  with my assistant and I’m getting tired of being undermined all the time. So, I offered them up to Hecate and asked her to please keep this woman’s drama, and  anyone else’s as a matter of fact, from hurting me in a negative way, protecting me and my position. This has caused me to look within at my career and what I am doing. This isn’t the last stop for me so when I get past the self doubt and the anger, this has fueled and solidified my resolve to continue writing and cooking so that I can leave, but only when I say so. I am happy to report, it’s been smooth sailing. Hail Hecate!

Lastly, as I mentioned before, this can be used as a simple protect us from the common cold spell but don’t forget to take your vitamins, bundle up, wash your hands often and disinfect or lysol common areas and surfaces, especially door knobs!

Hail Hecate!

Made these cookies? Share them on Instagram with #foodmagic and tag me @gourmetwitch I love seeing other people make delicious magic!

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