NaNoWriMo 2018

NaNoWriMo 30 Day Challenge
[/media-credit] NaNoWriMo 30 Day Challenge
                   It’s that time again folx! November is here and once again, I decided to do writing prompts rather than try to bang out a 50k word novel. The book in my head is my baby. I have been nursing it for five years now and have hardly scratched the surface. I am in no way prepared to take on such a serious endeavor at the moment so instead, I am going to flex my brain muscles and get the creative flow going throughout this month in solidarity with all those brave writers participating this year! I am rooting for all of you!!!!
                   With that being said, most of these stories will be raw drafts that may one day be elaborated on but the purpose right now is to share and to write. I will be checking for spelling errors, grammar etc but I’m not a great editor. Looking for one though 🙂 .
                    This round of prompts focus on retellings. Don’t you ever wonder what would happen if the character’s made different choices? What if the story was being told from another person’s point of view, would it not still be the truth? This month I explore stories from myths, classical writing, some personal ghosts who haunt me, pop culture icons and a few other random stories in between. Anyone who wishes to write their own version, please jump on board and tag me on Instagram as well as #writewithdrea . If you don’t want to write but enjoyed reading , at the end in the comment box, tell me what you loved about the story. Ask a question, leave some encouraging words or just let me know you read it! I love hearing feedback from my readers. You’re the reason why I do this.
                    In my brain I have committed to posting daily. I am going to try really hard to do that, but if I can’t ( because life) I will post as soon as I possibly can. Excerpts will go up on Instagram, link will be provided in the bio section for your convenience but the whole story will be here. I am looking forward to doing this and sharing my other passion ( writing) with you all while I give my body time to rest and gear up for the Yule season. Happy Reading!
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