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Dress for the occasion! Colors such as black, gold, turquoise, nude and all jewel tones are perfect! Have something Egyptian themed? Let’s see it!

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What is a Sabbat Feast?

In a nutshell- when a group of people get together to honor a Deity or a Seasonal change with ritual, offerings and a celebratory feast!

What will you eat at this Sabbat Feast?

My goal with The Gourmet Witch is to bring food and the craft together and create magic. You will be feasting on traditional items served in Egypt, the Middle East and some Mediterranean flare!

There will be Summer/ Lughnasadh / Lammas foods that fit in with the theme and treats offered to Bastet.

You will also see items from my book, Food Magic and dishes from my next book, where I integrate intention and magical properties with seasonal items to create magic on your plate! I’ll be teasing the menu soon, so look out in my IG feed and stories for that!

Why am I doing this ?

All Deities had feast days or a time where they were honored. Communities would get together to celebrate these events together as a whole. Temples that were maintained by clergy would also host or be part of the ritual aspects of these events. This was commonplace practice, and for some it still is, keeping those traditions and customs alive, passing them on to the next generation.  This has always fascinated me, I’ve seen this in my own distant past, through dreams and journey work.

Today, I see processions all over the world where whole towns stop and honor these energies throughout the year. Everyone is involved. From the costumes, the food, the props, the decor, the organizers – Everyone can contribute and commune with the Divine alongside their fellow neighbor however they want to. Viewing these pictures on Instagram, things just clicked.

A light bulb, if you will, turned on in my head!

  1. I am a Priestess and our Coven, Deam Lux,  practices temple style worship
  2. I am a classically trained Chef, graduate of the CIA
  3. I love bringing people together over food and the craft
  4. I connect online with so many like minded individuals
  5. This is why I created The Gourmet Witch

I want to bring that atmosphere to my community. I want to reach out with my fellow human, towards divinity and feel its presence, together. I want to celebrate the changing of the seasons, to honor the earth, to raise my voice, our voices up in honor, reverence and merriment.  

So come join me as we gather to celebrate the Summer with Bastet, the Egyptian cat Goddess

Who is Bastet?

Stay Tuned!

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